For patching, levelling & filling
Plaster, Concrete & Wood
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The Great Leveller

Hardwearing, safe & non-toxic, Agnew’s has an unlimited shelf life and does not shrink or crack.


Can Be Sawn, Drilled, Sanded

Within 2-3 hours of application, the filled area can be sanded, and drilled within 24 hours.


Great For Floors & Walls

Ideal for filling knotholes, nail holes, oversized screw holes, and other defects in wood

Agnew’s Water Putty: The original & the best since 1929

Agnew’s Water Putty is an excellent filler for patching and levelling wood, plasterboard, cement sheet, concrete, etc. Particularly suitable if you need a hardwearing surface. Agnew’s Water Putty sets hard, adheres permanently and fills to any depth without shrinking or cracking. It can be sawn, drilled and sanded. Agnew’s Water Putty is also ideal for Architectural and Hobby Moulding.

Agnew’s Water Putty is not a flexible compound. Use only in an exterior situation if you have ensured that the substrate has a low propensity to expand and contract as the ambient temperature changes and have ensured that the Water Putty is dry and then sealed.